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Come celebrate your child with us as we watch your loved one grow and learn.

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The Learning Circle Kids Academy began as a dream for the founder, Michelle Hill-Jack in 1983. Starting out in another building was a beginning. Then three children came into her life to call her “Mom” and they became a family. Ten years later they added a daddy to the family. So she switched to becoming a home provider of child care. It soon became clear that expansion was vital to the program so she took a hammer to the walls, moved her family to another home and Learning Circle Kids Academy took flight!

Michelle is passionate about the safe loving care of children. As a single mom to three children she knew that not only did the community need safe healthy child care but that she was the one that could make a dream happen for many families.

The family home was renovated in 1989 and the program has increased to 50 children. No longer a private home, it is well-known as “the home away from home” for many families. It is multi-generational as Michelle’s daughter, Carrie Schoenberger, is now the on-site Center Director. Children that were students here have come back to join our staff. One of the teachers will now begin the “third generation” with her little one.

  • Children love to come to our loving, family-friendly atmosphere. Moms and Dads are comfortable here knowing that they are welcome to just drop in anytime to visit their child and assure that their child is happy

  • Join us for fun safe child care at County Road 6405 #22, just north of Highway 64 where your child’s second home can be right where it belongs- in a safe neighborhood! We’re just 7 miles west of Farmington.


The Learning Circle Kids Academy is now the longest running program in San Juan County! Our founder and Executive Director, Michelle Hill-Jack, is now taking over the business portion of our program and her daughter, Carrie Hill Schoenberger, has stepped up to take the reins as on-site Center Director. She is now completing her Bachelor Degree and has all staff working toward early childhood degrees and certification. This alone is a vital part of the loving care of children in that they spend their days with informed loving adults with your child’s best interest at heart!

    • Every teacher has had a thorough background clearance, has CPR and First Aid training and is working toward college degrees and certifications.

    • We have an unbeatable guarantee-We are so sure that you will be happy with our program, that at any time within the first 30 days of enrollment you wish to leave and attend another center, we will gladly refund a full weekof tuition.

    • Because we offer maximum work satisfaction and our staff loves what they do, The Learning Circle Kids Academy has low teacher turnover.

    • We uphold strict security measures—with 16 security cameras, and a list of approved adults for child pickup, you can have peace of mind knowing your child is safe at our facilities.

    • Our unique “Tools of the Mind” brain power methods will help your child grow, learn and meet his or her milestones while having fun.

    • All of the children from the babies on up, have one-on-one attention with caring teachers that talk to them, hug them, feed them, and that keep them safe.

    • Your child will have their feelings validated, and challenges provided to help your little one develop to his or her next stage of growing.

  • Children learn best when they have an opportunity to respond to the beauty and wonders of the world around them. They learn the order of the natural world in an environment that is structured, appealing, and offers opportunity for discovery of all kinds, socially, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. This has always been our philosophy based on scientifically proven information about how the brain grows and children develop to their potential.

  • You, your child and your family are a vital part of our program. You are needed and appreciated as you participate in activities, graduations, volunteer for our Parent Board, help with holiday parties, celebrating your child’s birthday, giving us “Your voice” as the customer and as an advocate for your child.

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Individualized Learning Plans

  • Your little one will have his or her own learning goals and plan determined by you and the teacher. We strive to assist your child in meeting those goals by providing activities that teach the skills needed.

  • All children from six weeks old through age five are screened by you and scored by the director. You will actually complete the questions and activities with your child at home. It is a lot of fun! Most parents say,”Oh, I didn’t know that my child should be able to do that.” This helps us to determine that your child is meeting age appropriate developmental milestones. Parents find these assessments to be fun, rewarding and a great tool for learning what they can help their child learn next.

  • We use this tool to help your child continue to grow and learn to their fullest potential!

  • Your child’s nutrition is an integral part of our purpose. Fresh, homemade well-balanced meals, snacks and plenty of time to eat will be offered to your child.

  • Nutritional education and encouragement to try new foods, assistance with meal preparation, clean-up and simple cooking is an everyday occurrence at The Learning Circle Kids Academy.

  • We understand the necessity of healthy nutrition to build strong minds and healthy bones for all children. We want to help you keep your child healthy and strong. Today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders. We help you give them a great start in life.

  • We take pride in our healthy meals that consist of fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, various breads, and fluid milk. Our meals are colorful and appealing.

  • The Learning Circle Kids Academy won the highest award given to early childhood programs from the New Mexico Child and Adult Food Program for nutrition, cleanliness, quality, nutrition education, service and sanitation. We exceeded all of their highest goals!

  • We offer free formula for newborns until they are off of the bottle. Your child will be offered foods according to the USDA Children’s Food Program guidelines.

  • Did you know that even the babies help make bread sticks for meals here? They do if they are big enough to help roll the dough. You will soon see your child eating foods that you would never dream they would eat!

  • We will let you in on our little secret- the children grow veggies in the summer and help cook them. We have cooking experiences for the children using familiar and unfamiliar foods. Yes, the kids love to eat what they help cook!

  • When you hear “Mom can we have little green trees for dinner tonight or white ones?” That means your child wants broccoli or cauliflower. Take the challenge and bring your child to enjoy and experience eggplant, artichoke, “chicken of the sea”, and much more. Shh! “Chicken of the Sea” is healthy baked fish. We just don’t tell them. Did you ever dream your child would eat tilapia or salmon? Come on over for lunch sometime. We don’t do junk food.

  • Our garden has been a community effort from funds from great San Juan County companies that furnished the garden boxes.

  • The preschool children and school age children begin growing the seedlings in late spring, plant when it is warm and tend the garden until harvest. The vegetables are washed, cut, sliced and some preparation is done by the children so that they eat what they are growing.

Our garden will be a big hit giving your child a sense of joy, well-being out in the sunshine, exercise, teach him or her self-sufficiency and lifelong learning skills. Come garden with us. Many families enjoy gardening at pick up time.

Free Nutritious Meals & Gardening

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