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Infant Program

  • Your baby will get lots of rocking, loving, and individual attention.
  • Infants develop quickly with qualified staff to meet babies’ individual’s needs.
  • Proper nutrition, physical and mental activities, assists parents in meeting the needs of their “little one at The Learning Circle Kids Academy.

Your precious baby will be held, rocked, loved, talked to, played with and sung to so that he or she can develop his or her sense of trust, feeling loved, learn language, and build their muscles.

  • We offer free formula and nutritional meals with fresh fruit and veggies, milk all appropriate to your child’s needs. You will see magic happen at The Learning Circle Kids Academy as your child learns to eat a large variety of foods that you would never believe he or she would even try!
  • Our infant environment is set up to encourage your baby’s growth. You will notice that we do not have highchairs. Your baby will be held to drink a bottle or to be spoon fed.
  • Children in this age group are not ready for group activities. Most of the day is devoted to individual time and independent activity.
  • Developmental screenings called “Ages and Stages” are completed with parents to help so we can see how your child is developing what your baby needs to learn next.
  • You are a vital part of your child’s team at The Learning Circle. You are the leader in assisting teachers to help your child while you work or attend school.

We believe that children use play to learn about their world; therefore, our program goals focus on facilitating play and enabling your baby to function in positive relationships with others. We strive for a daily balance of indoor/outdoor times, tummy time, physical development, relaxation, and one-on-one interaction with your baby. On any given day your baby can play with blocks, musical toys, soft toys, riding toys, playing in front of mirrors, looking at books, and spending time playing peek-a-boo games with the teachers.

  • You are welcome any time to come and check on your precious baby. No need to call; just come on in. We like having you here. Call and check during the day. That’s what makes us “home away from home” with the “TLC” that The Learning Circle is known for! We are family.

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Toddlers are very impulsive at this stage due to their curious nature. At The Learning Circle Kids Academy in Kirtland NM, our daily activities in the Wobbler Room promote language, develop communication, increase vocabulary, build muscles and coordination, and help your child to become problem solvers. Your best stress reliever is that we assist you in potty training your toddler. Look at the money you will save when that is done! We even have a Potty Training Graduation!

  • You child’s day will be socially relevant, mentally engaging, and meaningful to your baby.
  • Your “Wobbler” will spend his or her day in playing with appropriate clean toys, dancing, singing, talking, learning to sit at a table and feed him or herself, playing in the sunshine on the very supervised and safe baby playground.
  • Your child’s day is beginning to have group structure at this age. However, every child’s need is met. When your child is sleepy he or she can rest. When your child is hungry we feed your child.
  • Holding, loving, talking with and encouragement is given individually.
  • Loving and attentive teachers spend a lot of time closely watching your little one to see what he or she knows and is interested in.
  • You will find great joy in seeing your “little one” learning to speak, sing and communicate clearly and learning new words.
  • Soon you will feel your child’s success in being able to let you know what he or she needs and knows. We encourage you to enjoy the little songs, stories and rhymes your “Wobbler” is learning.
  • Your child’s play provides knowledge, understanding, and processes for skill building, and encourages lifelong learning. We give play a purpose at The Learning Circle Kids Academy!
  • We offer free nutritional meals with fresh fruit and veggies. You will see magic happen at The Learning Circle Kids Academy as your child learns to eat a large variety of foods that you would never believe he or she would even try! Check out our Gardening and Nutrition page for more details.
  • Our teachers evaluate the children formally twice a year and of course daily communication and daily visits are encouraged. You are welcome to come and visit or observe your child at any time.

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Morning activities at The Learning Circle include:
Circle Time – Children enjoy language development, stories, songs, finger plays, and stories

Short group activities – Reading and math readiness activities help build on their interests. Your child is exposed to meaningful language to help build their vocabulary and enhance the learning value of each experience in our program. They are given lots of opportunities to practice their newly acquired skills.

Wobbler Activities include:

  • Sand play/water play
  • Puzzles/manipulatives
  • Play kitchen
  • Riding toys
  • Shape sorting
  • Balls
  • Block building
  • Coloring
  • Beginning cutting
  • Painting / Messy play
  • Dress-up corner
  • Large and small motor skills

Friendships that last a lifetime are made at The Learning Circle Kids Academy in Kirtland NM!

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>The Learning Circle Brings Your Child to Success!


Your child will really enjoy our three and four-year-old learning that has been developed to meet the needs of this energetic group. Your child’s learning is prepared to build strong minds with the “tools of the mind,” necessary for a successful life such as self- regulation, patience, fairness, etc. It is created to be culturally supportive.

  • We are pleased to tell you that The Learning Circle Kids Academy meets State of New Mexico Early Learning Guidelines, is a “5 Star” Center with NM CYFD Licensing, recognized as a non-public school with NM State Board of Education, and is accredited by National Accreditation Commission for Early Care and Education.
  • We use a theme- based approach. The themes are based on “roles,” so that our themes are places such as various careers, or a place, etc. The children choose the activities within the play centers based on their chosen “roles.” These roles could be the doctor, the pet groomer, the scientist, the computer programmer or a cashier.
  • Tours of a pet shop, grocery store, a doctor’s office, a dental office, etc., provide the springboard for curiosity.
  • Your child will take what he or she observes on these fieldtrips back to the classroom to pretend to be the “career role” they see. The children take responsibility for their choices.
  • This method will teach your child science, math, language, art, music, culture, large and small motor skills, communication and language.
  • Some of the activities such as games, “Question of the Day,” “Reading Buddies,” etc. are teacher directed. The environment is set up to support learning and progress based on cues from your child.
  • The teachers are there to encourage and guide your child with kindness, talking, guiding and expressing various emotions, etc.
  • We plan our curriculum by using observation, screenings, and parent input to determine what your child knows. It is then used to support your child to the next level of learning.
  • The learning is planned to be realistic, attainable, fun and to build curiosity. Your son or daughter will learn at his or her own pace with a lot of encouragement.
  • Activities build on what your child already knows and scaffold your child to the next level of achievement. It connects to other aspects of the child’s life so that information in one area of life can connect throughout his learning.
  • It provides knowledge, understanding, and processes for skill building, and encourages lifelong learning.

We offer free nutritional meals with fresh fruit and veggies, milk and appropriate to your child’s needs. You will see magic happen at The Learning Circle Kids Academy as your child learns to eat a large variety of foods that you would never believe he or she would even try! (Check out our Gardening and nutrition page for more details.)

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6:30-8:30 Greeting, breakfast, relaxation with books, board games, free play, or sleeping.
8:45-9:45 Play in the Learning Centers allowing choice of play and accountability for materials. Each daily plan is to provide centers or areas for quiet or busy choices.
9:45-10:00 Drink, light snack, and toilet
10:00-10:40 Circle time with ages 3-5 consisting of individual greetings, discussion of today’s activities, calendar, weather, pledge of allegiance, and chore chart. Two-year-olds participate in a separate short activity instead of Circle Time.
10:40-11:00 Fresh air walks (weather permitting) or outdoor free play.
11:00-11:15 Wash, set tables, prepare for lunch
11:15-12:00 Family style lunch and polite conversation with nutrition orientation. After the meal, children clean up after themselves.
12:00-2:00 Prepare for nap, gather blankets and mats, use restroom, wash, settle down as story is presented.
2:00-2:30 Arise from nap, toilet, wash hands, drink, snack.
2:30-2:45 Teacher directed closure, discussion of today’s happenings, and daily newspaper highlights.
2:45-3:45 Outdoor play until parents arrive. If bad weather, play with clay, table games, or large muscle activities.

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School Age

  • Time to prepare homework
  • Time to burn off energy
  • Enjoying healthy snacks.
  • Dramatics, table games, games, arts, field trips, crafts, pets, gardening, using the computer, and relaxation will enhance your child’s education.
  • Children this age enjoy working independently. Your child will enjoy and gain a lot from socializing with their peers.
  • Supervised activities are planned to support this need for socialization and independence.

You will see magic happen at The Learning Circle Kids Academy as your child learns to eat a large variety of foods that you would never believe he or she would even try! Check out our Gardening and nutrition page for more details.


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Summer Camp

Your child no matter what age will enjoy our “Fun in the Sun” with education stuck in there. Your child won’t even realize that he or she is learning. That’s what The Learning Circle Daycare Summer Camp has offered for 31 years. We even have a mini-camp for the little ones!

  • Babies and toddlers enjoy sunshine, toys, painting, making things, playing in the fenced in baby playground with grass, riding toys and slides their size, plenty of shade and TLC. Even the toddlers get to play in the baby pool sometimes. The teachers and babies enjoy sitting outside for lunch.

If your child is older we have more than plenty to keep young minds and bodies busy. Children three and over:

  • Create their own books with the computer
  • The Public Library Fieldtrips and Challenge
  • Making costumes and putting on skits for each other and parents if they wish
  • Dancing
  • Arts, Crafts and Math Games
  • Planting and Harvesting a Garden
  • Young Chef’s camp with the “Chopped” Challenge
  • Many outdoor activities and field trips to sports, nature walks, cultural events, swimming lessons, water play, pretend campouts
  • And much more!

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