A Breathe of Fresh Air: Why your child should play outside this summer

Funny children outdoors

Summer is finally here! To kids, the season means no school and a much deserved play break. The warm weather and sunny days make the outdoors even more accessible, and kids should take advantage of being outside. There are many advantages to kids playing outdoors. At The Learning Circle, our summer program offers many opportunities for children to play outside. We take field trips, go on nature walks, and have pretend campouts. Here are three reasons why being outside is beneficial to your child’s wellbeing during the summertime.


Allowing your child the freedom to play outside can help keep stress levels down and prevent depression and anxiety. An hour of outdoor play can help keep stress and depression in your child at bay.
Allowing your child to play outside also improves their focus and attention span in the classroom. These children are more willing to learn and show better problem-solving skills. They also tend to be more creative when provided an unstructured outdoor play setting, thus allowing them to approach material in school in a different and unique way.


The sun provides us with Vitamin D, which can improve health and help to prevent osteoporosis, heart disease, and diabetes—just don’t forget the sunscreen! Pair Vitamin D with physical activity and your child’s immune system is strengthened as well. Exercise is also crucial in keeping child obesity down. Playing outside offers children many different forms of aerobic exercise that include running, jumping, climbing, swimming, and dancing. Vision is also shown to be better among children that spend time outside.

3.Social Life

Allowing children to play in an outdoor setting with other children has shown to encourage social development. Through playtime with other children, a child can learn how to share, work in groups, resolve conflicts, and make friends. They also learn new skills and how to overcome challenges, which develops healthy relationships.

Allowing your child to play outside this summer will refresh them and prepare them for their return back to school. However, they should still have appropriate outdoor playtime even after they have returned to school. Sign them up for a sport, take them camping on the weekends, or have a game time in the backyard. The Learning Circle aims to provide adequate outdoor playtime for our children. Let us help you and your child reach their full potential this summer!